Doris Araujo


Revelada, 2016

Revelada 2016 Medium: 16 Cotton Fabric PanelsSize: 12″x9″ each or54″ x 42″ shown. Framed. “Revelada” (Spanish) or “Rebellious” (English) is a woman that finally said to herself without gilt; and to the world to hear, that she is done doing chores that may have been imposed by society and still a female tradition.The words: “No lavo, no plancho, […]

Who Are You?

Who Are You?, 2016

This set of prints is intended for the woman that lost herself inside suburban life: between kids, husband, career, and hectic days, she has to fill in the blank of her label and question who she is.

How Many More

How Many More, 2016

How many is enough? Do you really need that?
Consumerism is an unstoppable force that needs to be reconsidered carefully.
Products are displayed beautifully, and needs are created for us.
It is now time to fully understand the difference between what we really need, and what we really want.

Xanax Rain

Xanax Rain, 2016

Not only Xanax (other drugs as well) can have a sad showering effect on the colorful perception on what is suburbia.

Only when the “why” has been answered and responsibility of their own lives have been attained, this shower of drugs may be able to subside.

Yes, She Can

Yes, She Can, 2016

The women; symbolized by the moon, the clock ticking, and the white picket fence is a direct and honest message from suburban women: is impossible to do it all; but she could… only at her own pace.

The Checklist

The Checklist, 2016

Society’s impositions can be very subtle, and sometimes a list of life actions are lined up for us.
Is time to scramble the list and make our own.

The Weight We Carry

The Weight We Carry, 2016

The weight we carry symbolizes a “bumble-bee” woman that finds herself carrying too much to hold with too short and frail handles. Looking cool under the shades, is a bag that could rupture at any time.

Love It

Love It 2016 Medium: Relief print on Lokta paper.Size: 20″ x 30″ each.Unframed It is a constant internal battle: the comparison of bodies, the wanting to be what they do not have, the beauty rituals and drills.Only if women would love, respect, and enjoy their bodies more, more peace of mind, happiness, and fulfillment they […]