Artist Statement

This continuous body of work is about today’s women: Always eager to begin new endeavors, wanting to become whatever her heart’s desires, following her own plans and intuition, believing she is strong. But even after is known possible to accomplish so much, this woman is still bombarded with rules and impositions presented through our own society that sometimes hinder the way she lives. The “Multiples” projects are intended to question and reconsider these influences by raising awareness and lifting spirits through works that showcase the sublime beauty of being a female, capable of enhancing our power and self-esteem.

Printmaking allows me to produce multiples, thus, with each color, I am representing different women. By doing so, as a collective, we speak louder, hoping for many to listen. I believe this repetition is as important as the words that are sometimes included in the pieces because it allows me to be direct and effective, which is also, the intention of my art.