Doris Araujo


Arboreous, 2021

One idea leads to another,
many positive ideas create
possibilities, too many
have the power to create
chaos. Which wolf to feed?

The Pendulum

The Pendulum, 2021

The pendulum picks and chooses
a world full of jewels, that just
like candy, we can’t stop
contemplating which one to
savour next!


Choices, 2021

So many choices, and the beautiful task of choosing. To choose is inevitable, but once we chose, it is hard to go back. We all choose. Are you chosen?

The Loss

The Loss, 2020

Medium: Graphite, linocut and stencil on recycled sketchbook
Set: 9 sheets
Size: 11″x14″ each or
44″ x 44″ shown.
What we gain when we lose?