Doris Araujo


Create, 2019

Medium: Silkscreen on Monotype.
Series: 25
Size: 7″x7″ each or
40″ x 40″ shown.

Your Flowers

Your Flowers, 2019

Medium: Drypoint and Watercolor.
Series: 6
Size: 12″x18″ each


All the flowers are well received. All of them, much appreciated.


Trust, 2019

Medium: Silkscreen
Series: 35
Size: 8″x6″ each or
45″ x 48″ shown.

No King Required

No King Required, 2019

Medium: Silkscreen on Stonehenge paper.
Series: 31
Size: 8.5″x11″ each or
31″ x 39″ shown.


We are born queens, as equals, is our choice to decide which king we may want next to us.

Against All Odds

Against All Odds, 2019

Medium: Ink and Gouache
Series: 6
Size: 14″x18″ each or
42″ x 36″ shown.